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Numerology life paths: a sneak peak into your life journey

Knowing you Life Path helps you understand what patterns keep on showing up in your life, how to thrive and grow as a person. Because navigating life without fulfilling your main goals is like playing a golf tournament with just a putter – frustrating and ineffective.

If high school students knew their Life Path, they'd find rewarding vocations instead of settling for any job. Many people end up in careers that don't suit their talents or bring satisfaction, and being employed just to pay the bills is a recipe for misery no matter how much you make.

The Life Path aligns with the universe's laws and helps you reveal your true self, shedding false appearances, much like a tree must mature before bearing fruit.

To calculate your Life path, add the digits of your date of birth and reduce to a single digit - unless the total is 11 or 22. Example: 20/5/2010 = 2+0+5+2+0+1+0 = 10 = Life Path 1

Life Path 1 are fiercely independent individuals.

Life path 2 have a natural ability to understand others and work well in partnerships.

Life path 3 are often artists and express themselves through music, or other creative outlets.

Life path 4 are natural problem-solvers and have a talent for creating efficient systems and processes.

Life path 5 is about freedom and being driven by a strong desire to experience new things.

Life path 6 are responsible and have a natural desire to be supportive but must be creative to thrive.

Life path 7 are introspective, analytical and have a deep understanding of the world.

Life path 8 are driven and excel at creating financial stability for themselves and those around them.

Life path 9 are selfless individuals known for their strong moral character and easily connect with people from all walks of life.

Life path 11 are intuitive, highly sensitive and must take care of themselves before saving the world.

Life path 22 achieve great things when you use their natural abilities and skills for a higher purpose.

Explore your gifts, nurture your natural talents and realize your full potential!