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Life path 2 - the Feeler

Life path 2

Life path 2, you're a peace-loving artist!

Sensitive and perceptive, you soak up the vibe around you. Sensing what people are feeling is a difficult blessing. Bringing everyone together is your natural inclination, but your feelings are easily hurt when your talents are not recognized enough.

Feelings are subjective and can lead you in hot water - just don't jump to early conclusions before you have all the facts. You mean well but can act out of turn to relieve the pressure and only see the camel's straw that breaks your back instead of putting into perspective the events and pent up emotions that piled up.

Overall, you're a great organizer and the invisible glue that keeps friends and family together. You're also a bit of a perfectionist, with an eye for beauty and balance. You hate to fight, so you withhold your feelings until the dam breaks - and then come out swinging!

Build your self-confidence and surround yourself with people who appreciate your qualities. Over time, you'll learn the importance of emotional control and expressing your sensitivity into creative avenues.

Relying too much on rationalization instead of intuition results in poor judgment and more frustration. Focusing on materialism only leads to discontent, irritation, and frustration, but you'll eventually realize you've strayed from your true path. Put in the awareness and daily effort to develop your individuality and find fulfillment!

Developing your mental abilities, particularly deduction and memory, will strengthen your self-esteem and increase your happiness! Did I mention you have an awesome sense of humor when things get tense?

Personal involvement, openness and moderation are essential for your growth. Keep on indulging in your artistic talents - they channel your emotions into beautiful art pieces and keep you thriving!

Biggest challenges: finding your identity and purpose.

You are often so focused on others and the relationships you form that you struggle to identify your needs and desires, which results in self-doubt and a lack of confidence.

In a nutshell: the Numerology Life Path 2 is a journey of balance, cooperation, and harmony. People with this life path are natural peacemakers, possessing a deep understanding of the power of relationships. They are compassionate, sensitive and have a nurturing nature helping them form lasting relationships.