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Fate vs Destiny: which one controls your life story?

Fate is the philosophical concept that certain events in life are going to happen no matter what. It is a story plot that's already been written for you and you will have to go through, period.

Destiny is the personal potential you have to achieve something great, but it depends squarely on your choices and efforts to fulfill it. 

In essence, fate is the fixed storyline of your life, destiny is the mission you’re here to accomplish with the choices shaping your individual journey.

In astrology, the South Node represents your fate - past lives talents and issues you need to outgrow to get out of your comfort zone. The North Node represents destiny - your life purpose and the qualities you need to develop in this lifetime to fulfill it. They show where you come from (fate) and where you need to go (destiny).

In numerology, the Life Path Number represents your destiny. It is calculated from your birthdate and indicates your life's purpose, the lessons to need to learn and the path you are meant to follow. The karmic Debt Numbers indicate past life challenges carried forward into this life that you need to overcome. Not everyone has karmic numbers in their chart, so it is not an exact match for fate as generally defined or as in astrology.

In Expanded Numerology, destiny is the soul's purpose or personal mission you are meant to fulfill. It's the life journey you're supposed to take, shaped by your talents, dreams, and actions. Think of it as a seed inside you that, with in the right environment - given time and properly nurtured - grows into a majestic plant. Each step you take in the right direction helps you reach your potential and thrive. 

How to handle fate's hand is indicated by the recurring themes and events on your path, your unconscious programming and what hinders your evolution. 

Let's look at the hands of fate and destiny for Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet":

Edgar Cayce's fate provided him with the circumstances that would make him sink or soar. His destiny was the fulfillment of his innate gifts through his conscious choices and contributions to the world.

Fate: Edgar Cayce’s fate included his innate but dormant psychic abilities and the pivotal moment of losing his voice which revealed his gift. These predetermined elements shaped his path.

Birth: Born in 1877 in Kentucky, Cayce had the unusual abilities to memorize books by sleeping on them from a young age.

Circumstances: Raised in a devout Christian family, his environment and upbringing strongly contributed to his mystical leanings.

First Reading: At age 23, Cayce lost his voice and no doctor could help him. As a last resort he tried a hypnotist's help which led to his first trance and self-diagnosis, setting him the course for his life's work.

Destiny: Self-hypnosis revealed his abilities and he chose to dedicate his life to helping others through his readings. He fulfilled his purpose by guiding people on their health and spiritual journeys, thus realizing his full potential.

Psychic Readings became his life's mission: Cayce gave over 14,000 readings in a trance state, covering health, past lives, and spiritual guidance. 

Healing and Guidance: His readings provided insights and remedies that helped thousands of people, fulfilling his destiny of healing and spiritual guidance.

Spiritual Teachings: He also focused on spiritual growth and on the importance of holistic health, which shaped modern holistic and integrative medicine.

Fate is exhausting but throwing in the towel and sinking isn't a viable long-term option. Rest, recover and when you are ready, keep on shaping your destiny!