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What is Expanded Numerology and how does it work?

Expanded Numerology only uses the time of your birth to reveal:

  • the hidden pattern that affect your life.

  • how to address them in the only that is right for you so you can stop wasting your time fumbling in the dark and filling people’s pockets with your hard won money - but still having little clue forward.

  • the clear messages for every minute of every hour.

Numerology's Life Paths gives useful indication but is lacking in many ways. By the way, do you know yours?

With Expanded Numerology you get to know yourself, understand what you keep on attracting, what you must work with and how to overcome the obstacles that the universe throws your way to finally be fulfilled, grow and enjoy a smoother way through life.

As you can see the influences are both internal (your gifts and flaws) and external (people reacting a certain way to you, opportunities that can appear suddenly - irrespective of what you may or may not be doing).

By holding on both destiny’s and fate's halter, you improve the hand fate plays at co-creating your future.