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Life path 22
Life path 22 - the Visionary
Life path 22, you are a visionary with a head for business and politics. You can think big picture and international, and have the uncanny ability to see practical solutions to any problem. There are however two different types, polar opposites. The ...
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Life path 11
Life path 11 - the Intuitive
11s have a strong spiritual side, but not all of them develop this potential.You're a highly sensitive person, which can lead to emotional overwhelm. Learn how to manage and protect your emotional boundaries to avoid burnout.You excel in places ...
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Life path 9
Life path 9 - the Big-Picture person
9s have a deep sense of purpose and a heart as big as the ocean. They are the old souls, the wise ones who carry the torch of compassion and creativity, always putting people before things.You are the change-maker, the dreamer who has a knack for mak...
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Life path 8
Life path 8 - the Power-player
You have a hunger for success and a talent for managing everything from business to finances.You just know how material world ticks and inspire people to join you in your quest. However, they sometimes just can't see yet what you see and you eve...
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Life path 7
Life path 7 - the Thinker
Life Path 7s are on the hunt for meaning, and your journey is all about extracting the wisdom from often harsh life lessons. 7s have endless potential for learning through direct involvement as long as the field practical and active.You are a sharp t...
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Life path 6
Life path 6 - the Helper
You're a natural-born healer and helper feeling compelled when to step up and ground others in their time of need. As a Ruling 6, you're a kind person with a strong sense of integrity. Your sympathy and tolerance leave you vulnerable to bei...
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Life path 5
Life path 5 - the Adventurer
5's are loving, freedom-loving, artistic, adventurous, and moody. They swing between joy when free to express emotions and sullenness when feeling restricted. At their core, they're emotional individuals.You crave new experiences, new peopl...
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Life path 4
Life path 4 - the Organizer
Life path 4, you're a practical and down-to-earth doer.You're organized, methodical, and always think things through. Your focus is on physical experiences and actions essential for your early development. As you mature, your inclination sh...
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Life Path 3
Life path 3 - the Artist
Life path 3, you have got a natural talent for creativity and self-expression. In fact, you were probably born with a pen in your hand or a guitar in your lap.Talent still needs you to roll up your sleeves, get to work, and put in some good old-fashi...
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Life path 2
Life path 2 - the Feeler
Life path 2, you're a peace-loving artist!Sensitive and perceptive, you soak up the vibe around you. Sensing what people are feeling is a difficult blessing. Bringing everyone together is your natural inclination, but your feelings are easily hu...
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Life Path 1
Life path 1 - the Individualist
Life Path 1, you must come first! You are stubbornly independent, but not always for the better, on your journey to explore potentials and possibilities.You won't let anyone tell you what to do, and always blaze your own trail. When you set your...
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Numerology life paths: a sneak peak into your life journey
Knowing you Life Path helps you understand what patterns keep on showing up in your life, how to thrive and grow as a person. Because navigating life without fulfilling your main goals is like playing a golf tournament with just a putter – frustratin...
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Fate vs Destiny: which one controls your life story?
Fate is the philosophical concept that certain events in life are going to happen no matter what. It is a story plot that's already been written for you and you will have to go through, period.Destiny is the personal potential you have to achie...
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Pythagoras' Legacy: The Birth of Numerology
Numerology, an ancient system attributed to Pythagoras, revolves around the concept that reality is fundamentally mathematical. As the architect of this idea, Pythagoras laid the groundwork for numerous traditional and modern Western scientific princ...
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How does numerology work and influence your life?
So many people go through life drifting from one experience to another without knowing what to do.Numerology cuts through the noise and gives direct insight into what makes you tick, so you make better choices and find your way forward in life.You se...
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