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Traditional numerology didn't have an adapter or plug-in for digital time - until now.

Expanded Numerology's fractal approach uses natural patterns to unlock the hidden meanings for understanding, self-discovery and peace of mind.

Welcome to a world where numbers and time tell a deeper story! Having carved my own path through the ancient texts and hermetic teachings, I continually piece together fragments of wisdom scattered throughout the ages.

With a background in Mind Meditation, Rapid Pain Elimination Techniques, Forensic Healing, Energy Work, Bio-Energetic Therapy and Massage, I help you heal your wounds & experience massive energetic shifts!

What people are saying

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I highly recommend Lydie.

Her guidance has helped me with some of my most difficult situations.

I love her energy!

She is a blessing in my life.

— Lisa

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I was left in absolutely jaw dropping awe at the insights and guidance given to me by Lydie!

Lydie asked for the DOB of both of us and provided incredibly accurate and very insightful information about the emotional and energetic aspects of our personalities and how and why our relationship/friendship was going the way it was going.

— Jurga Proudlove

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Beautiful soul!

Love her calm demeanor love that she says what needs to be said !

I try to never miss a live. Always spot on with all my readings!

— Holly Tomlinson

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If you all are looking for some guidance, I highly suggest a reading with her.

She goes above and beyond to help you gain clarity and explains it all in a way you can understand. I cannot thank you enough for your help tonight and in the past. Keep shining bright!

She is the purest form of Light I met thus far and it is a blessing to be able to say "yeah, I do know her!"

— Brittney Hrdlicka

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I would definitely recommend The Game Changer, she is so insightful and helpful towards your situation!

— Candace Breedt

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Well done, lady! It amazes me how much and how accurate information you got about me just from my date of birth - incredible!

Lots of love and respect for you and your work!

— Evgenia Markova

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I was left gobsmacked by my experience with Lydie.

Seriously hire this woman, she's freaking incredible!!!

— Maryke Blom

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Absolutely incredible and extremely insightful knowledge!

Highly recommended!!!

— Lazar Karisik

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I was lucky enough to meet with a Lydie last week, and also to purchase her fabulous card deck.

You can tell that years of research have gone into these - their messages are very simple, clear and concise. I love them!!

Thank you Lydie for the wonderful work you do which helps so many along their path!

— Carol Kretschmer

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Always spot on !

Tells you like it is in a very professional and kind hearted way.

— Somer Weat

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I love readings from her.

So accurate and full of love!

— Kairi Kees

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I loved my Game Changer Session!

Profound and simple, it helped me understand life-long patterns and why they are there.

Thank you Lydie!

— Martina Liberson

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It was totally not what I expected but a big wow!

It certainly changes your perspective about yourself!

Lydie is truly amazing!

— Lydia Matthysen Jordaan

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I was very pleasantly surprised by the "game changer" cards.

It was very solution orientated and gave me a deeper insight into myself and my energy.

I found it very useful, and would highly recommend it!

— Ashwin Utturkar

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I’ve been flowing along with Lydie for over a year now, and I feel quite blessed that our paths crossed that day!

She has always provided love, light and guidance. Due to time zones I don't always make the live feeds but I do watch and appreciate Lydie and her gift. I've made the daily mantra part of my every day!

I’ve recently downloaded the new eBook. Lydie takes the time to ensure research is complete and provides guidance if needed.

Blessed be always, Lydie!

— Norma Giddy

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It always amazes me how much I get out of a session.

It's like having a little road map for your life!

— Jax Du Toit

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Having experienced working with the Cards and the way that Lydie works with one’s personal data, name, date and time of birth I have to say that it is most insightful and has helped me to find solace, focus, understanding and motivation and to understand the complex dynamics of the changes I am experiencing and to adapt and accept and move forwards.

As a result I do feel very much more at peace!

— Trevor Wales

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I recommend The Game Changer Help!

Lydie provides in depth analysis about your energy and advice on how to deal with it.

My session with her gave me a better understanding about problems that I had experienced and she was supportive with those problems.

Thank you Lydie!

— Jenny Nguyen

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Lydie's card reads have always been absolutely spot on!

A wonderful and genuine lady with a beautiful energy!

— Diana Fleming

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I recently had an inner currents and inner map done. Blew my mind!

Could not have been more accurate if she had known me her whole life!

— Naomi French

Expanded Numerology – minute messages: the guide to instant clarity and fast turnarounds!


The Game Changer card deck


The Game Changer Companion eBook


Unlock the Universe's Flow! A Guide to Effortless Manifestation with the Moon


TCG Quick Reference Guide


Your Inner Map: the road to inner peace


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